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Morgan Stanley Predicts 2019 “As Year Of Space”

Where majority of the players are presenting their views on financial markets and economy, Morgan Stanley is slightly diverted with the focus over space industry. “We anticipate that technology milestones, industry, and capital creation will spur from 2019,” Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas stated in a note to investors.

Jonas, along with other Morgan Stanley analysts, reiterated the company’s earlier stance that most investors think the space economy has little or no relevance to its portfolio,” he said. But Morgan Stanley has asked its patrons to focus on the space organization and will hold a “Space Summit” next month to prepare investors. Morgan Stanley said in its report that 2019 could “be the year of space,” listing the key steps and catalysts we plan to develop.

The first name on list of Morgan Stanley is Elon Musk’s SpaceX, which is some week short from the first two NASA Commercial Crew test flights. With the first manned SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule scheduled for June, the company is expected to turn out to be the first to launch the US astronauts since the since 2011.

Morgan Stanley said that SpaceX is taking advantage of its 2018 successor, including the first launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket, testing prototypes of broadband satellite and its top designations and awards from NASA and the US Air Force. Musk’s spatial assessment is estimated at $28 Billion, making it the third highly valuable private company in the world. “If we begin to see less focus on broadband or confront linked with market strategies to deliver bandwidth to the underprivileged and underserved population, we are getting closer to projection figures at the low end of range,” the analyst said.

Morgan Stanley stated that the projection for the space sector economy is estimated over $1 Trillion in 2040.