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Huawei Aims To Launch AR Glasses In Coming Years

Huawei is operating on AR (augmented reality) smart glasses which might make entry in the coming 1–2 Years, possibly pitting it in a race in opposition to Apple, which is supposedly operating on a same item of its own.

AR is a tech that observes virtual 3D pictures overlaid onto the actual world. It has a similar tech as handset game applications that allow consumers see digital objects via the displays on their handsets that come into view to be inside the scene captured on their display. The Chinese tech behemoth already has AR apps on its flagship Mate 20 Pro handset.

Huawei Aims To Launch AR Glasses In Coming YearsBut CEO of Huawei’s user business, Richard Yu, claimed to the media in a statement that AR devices are in the progress and could take the experience to a whole new level. These would be wearable glasses that permit usurers to feel AR. “Using this AR, you can have out AR device operating with handset, maybe you can see more of a huge region,” Yu claimed.

Speaking of AR glasses, Microsoft is operating on a 2nd-generation Hololens, and then there is Apple’s acquirement of Akonia Holographics that indicates at its own raid into AR sector. And now, there’s Facebook whose outline on where smart glass tech might unavoidably go proves useful on getting us back in the game.

“We need glasses or ultimately contact lenses that feel and look normal but that will also allow us overlay all types of digital objects & data over the real world,” claimed CEO Mark Zuckerberg during Facebook’s yearly conference. Now in a recent statement to the media, Facebook has verified that it is operating towards making this type of AR a reality. “Yeah, well of course we are operating on it,” claimed Ficus Kirkpatrick, head of AR at Facebook, to the media in an interview.