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LG Appoints Brian Kwon In Charge Of Mobile Department

The mobile business of LG has seen fruitful days, but no-one will refuse that the firm is a leader when it comes to televisions. Apparently in the fear that some of that magic will vanish, the firm is appointing Brian Kwon, the home entertainment boss who is described as a “turnaround specialist,” as head of the mobile communications department.

LG Appoints Brian Kwon In Charge Of Mobile Department

“Mr. Kwon had a vital role in evolution of LG’s audio, TV, and PC business into category rulers,” LG claimed to the media in an interview. “His experience and knowledge in the worldwide marketplace will be instrumental in maintaining mobile operations turnaround of LG.” The present mobile chief, Hwang Jeong-hwan, will now aim on his role spearheading Convergence Business Development Office of LG, while Kwon will take charge of home entertainment section.

In general, Jo Seong-jin (LG Electronics CEO) is also stepping back to some level, handing over more responsibilities day-to-day to president and CFO David Jung while aiming on future plans.

On a similar note, LG earlier claimed that it has signed a deal with Robotis (the service robot developer) to join forces in designing self-driving modules for mobile robots. Below the deal, Robotis and LG Electronics will each aim on designing hardware and software of mobile robots integrated with intelligent navigation techs. The tech behemoth of South Korea purchased a 10.12% share in Robotis. Founded in 1999, Robotis offers actuators for robots all over the world, the media claimed this week.

The latest deal comes in line with latest efforts by LG Electronics to extend its robot business as a fresh development engine. LG Electronics claimed that the firm aims to extend the portfolio of robot goods in close collaboration with Robotis. Hitherto, LG Electronics has rolled out 8 robot devices below the CLOi brand. These robots perform different tasks comprising cleaning, guiding, and even mowing the lawn.