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SpaceX Launches 64 Satellites, Breaks Numerous Records At Once

When it comes to private space flight companies, SpaceX needs no introduction as it is already the leading name in the industry and it has actually many firsts to its name. Even then, the company has recently achieved something which landed the same in the record books for many things at once, and the achievement is indeed praiseworthy in many ways. The company has followed the long lasting trend of creating disruptions in the industry and this time, the impact is going to be immensely huge.

SpaceX Launches 64 Satellites, Breaks Numerous Records At Once

The recent mission launched by the company led by Elon Musk, was actually launched from the Vandenberg Air Force Base which is located in California, and this particular mission achieved this unique feat with the launch of the 64 tiny satellites that were launched into the orbit, and this is the most that is ever launched in a single mission in the history of the spaceflight in the United States.

This mission was carried out by the used rockets of the company and this rocket is the first ever which is launched as well as landed for as many as three times. But this is not it, for the same, as it will be again sent to the refurbishing program of the company, so that it can be used again afterwards.

Regardless of the other things that the company was involved with in the recent past which involves some people from the company, the company seems to be having the core business of the same in a very good shape. But despite all of this, many questions are still thrown and they’re coming at a rapid pace towards the company. One of the biggest tests for the company in the future would be its partnership with the American space agency NASA, along with the partnership for the manned missions in the future.