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Instagram Tech Flaw Leads To Strange Lines On Photos

Instagram has become a crucial part of the daily lives as people prefer posting their pictures and updates of the minimalist activities on the social media networks. In fact, knowing the whereabouts and activities of the celebrities and other people in the friend’s group has raised the need to remain active in the social media network. Therefore, the social media platform has become a crucial part of human life and a simple disturbance may send jitters among the people. On Thursday, strange lines were appearing on the images posted on the social networking site. Primarily, the problem was visible in the stories and posts that disappear after 24 hours.

The posts of the CNN business had a multi-colored or gray line horizontally cutting across the photos. The user tags and location on Instagram were also associated with strange formatting, which was illegible in some of the cases. This issue was also carried forward to Facebook when these were posted from the platform of Instagram.

When the company was informed of the same, a spokesperson admitted to knowing the concern and stated that the technical experts are working to get rid of the concern. It had confirmed that the issue was connected to a bug that attacked the basics of the photo uploads. Though the problem was repaired and not seen further, the exact reason for concern is not known.

The users have complained that similar issue also arrived in Twitter, which confused the people into thinking that the lines were the part of a new filter. According to Down Detector, the website for tracking the outages faced by various services, the users faced other problems on 28th and 30th November as well as on 3rd December.

Facebook also faced the concern of log-in a few days back but the concern was resolved.