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Millions Of Handsets In Japan And UK Taken Offline Due To Ericsson

An Ericsson equipment problem is reason for mobile network outages all over both Japan and the U.K. that left countless without handset coverage, claims the media. The Telefónica-controlled O2 network in the U.K. was shut, just as Japan’s SoftBank was also undergoing issues. O2 has 32 Million in the U.K. (comprising Giffgaff and Tesco Mobile that also uses its network) while SoftBank has just more than 30 Million users in Japan along with MVNOs.

The media reports that 2 sources with information of the matter claimed that tools from the Swedish maker Ericsson was the reason for the outages, a claim that neither SoftBank & O2 nor Ericsson was ready to verify. In an interview, O2 claimed that a global software problem with one of its worldwide suppliers was the reason for the outage. SoftBank, which also employs Ericsson’s tools, claimed that it was looking into the matter.

On a related note, Ericsson earlier claimed that it will include almost 300 jobs in the U.S. to meet increasing demand for next-gen 5G tools. It claimed that it is targeting to employ artificial intelligence (AI) specialists and engineers. “This is fraction of an increment in the investment for R&D. It does not indicate that we are slashing (labor force) somewhere else to perform this,” claimed Borje Ekholm, Chief Executive, to the media in an interview.

Many investors anticipate the Swedish firm to profit from a new network upgrades cycle owing to requirement for 5G tools early next year. This is already witnessed in the U.S. After crackdown of top management and restructuring of the broad, Ericsson is dealing with the dropping investment on networks by telecoms providers. On the other hand, it has appointed recruits in R&D so as to be ready to meet ultimate demand for 5G tools.