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Hertz Teams With Clear To Introduce Biometric Scans For Rental Cars

Biometric scanning has picked up popularity in various niches due to its multiple benefits. Now, Hertz has decided to implement the technology in its system for the rental cars. It is about to collaborate with Clear, the designer of the biometric screening kiosks at several airports to reduce the time while picking a rental car. Clear expects the collaboration will help in attracting more travelers into this platform, which already has over 3 million members in the United States. Clear and Hertz had launched the biometrics scan at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and has plans to roll out further in 40 more locations in the upcoming year.

The customers will be able to enjoy the biometric technology that has migrated over 50 years from the banks and other governmental facilities to stadiums and airports. Biometric has even emerged in the genre of smartphones to unlock the gadget. However, Hertz is about to set an example by introducing this technology for the rental car service.

With the advancing technology and elevating demands, the cameras have improved drastically, making those cheaper. Now, over 100 airports use biometric readers from Vision-Box, Clear, and other companies that can scan faces, irises, and faces. Walt Disney World also verifies the identity of the visitors by scanning their fingerprints.

The experts are expecting this technology to improve over the period. Microsoft is working in association with the National banks of Australia to design card-less ATM machines. These machines would enable the people to withdraw cash from their respective accounts without using any card but scanning the face and other identification numbers. Universities in Copenhagen and London have the facility of on-campus grocery shops that allow them to purchase the items through their fingers. Along with the smartphones, a few laptops can also be unlocked with the fingerprint scan.