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Concerns Raised Over US Military’s Sensitive Data On Cloud

BBC has found out that a technology company who stood up for a bid to store sensitive data of Pentagon has recently ended partnerships with Russian oligarch. Pentagon, United States’ military headquarters has refused to further comment on this. All they have stated is that the bidding has closed.

To be at par and to advance from Russia and China, The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (Jedi) is so far the most challenging thing introduced by Pentagon. Till date, all the sensitive information was kept safe by distributing it across several servers in various departments. And now, the information is to be stored in cloud.

Cloud can be used from anywhere around the world. Information here is stored in several remote servers which are all linked to the internet. In fact, compared to the earlier method, cloud is capable of storing unlimited information.

All the military related data, like – new weapons, information on military personas, operation details, intelligence etc will all be stored in the Jedi cloud. It is hoped to bring more success to US military since they are now capable to immediate use of advanced intelligence wherever needed thus, making them more confident on warfare.

However, Pentagon needs to work on updating the IT system as fast as possible, in the failure of which all the efforts would be nullified. US Major General David Krumm is quite on the optimistic front regarding this new contract. He says that winning wars for US would now be at the military’s fingertips.

Director of the IT-AAC in Washington has raised concern over storing sensitive information on a public platform that is sun by a single company. That exposes the data to more risks. Pentagon has however properly described the Congress that giving the contract to a single company is better in times of emergency when access needs to be faster. Also, single cloud would hold more safety with the data.