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Healthcare Takes A Back Seat In Texas

A recent analysis by a New Urban Institute shows that Texas has the biggest number (4.7 million) and highest (19%) of uninsured residents who are under the age bracket of 65.  Texas fails to provide its residents with the needed health care and this is when Texas with its $1.8 trillion economy gives a tough competition to other emerging economies. Texas is doing better when compared to most of the countries for a number of reasons – for being one of the fastest growing economies, low rate of unemployment and job growth.

Around two-third of people who are uninsured in the state are from the families with at least one part time or full time worker. When an annual assessment of the nation’s health was carried out state wise, Texas ranked 37th and this ranking was published in America’s Health Rankings 2018 issue.

Maternal mortality rate of Texas is 34.2 for every 100,000 live births. This rate has increased by 9% since 2016 and it is one of the worst rates in the country. The state also ranks 47th when it comes to the number of primary care doctors for every individual.

According to a US census data that was released in September, Texas has more number of people who are uninsured than those in California and this is when California has almost 40 million inhabitants and Texas has28 million.

The state’s policies of low taxes and individual rights of citizens have helped its economy immensely, but with it the business of medicine and health care industry has also gone up. It has given rise to the development of some of the richest hospitals in the nation along with many thousands of freestanding emergency departments and surgery centers.

But this has left the residents struggling to get proper health care and pay the hefty bills.