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Pentagon Is All Set With Its Space Force Proposal

Pentagon officials’ team, which is led by Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan, is adding the finishing touches on a proposed framework for building up a Space Force as a distinct military branch.

A meeting was organized by the National Defense Industrial Association, for discussing the Space Force between Shanahan along with Mike Griffin, Undersecretary of Defense, and corporate executives.

Before the submission of the proposal to the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, it will be first evaluated by the office of VP Mike Pence and the National Space Council

Pence is the supervisor for implementing President Trump’s order to build Space Force by the financial year 2020. The Pentagon cannot just focus on a legislative proposal but will have to call for financial support for building a new branch.

Shanahan said that he has no information related to finance required for Space Force establishment.

He also did not provide any detail recommended on the proposal about the location of setting Space Force. According to Analysts, to build a separate department would not be a good option, as it will add overhead expenses; while the other option is managing the Space Force within the Department of the Air Force and renaming it as Department of the Air and Space Force.

The House Armed Services Committee and the full House also authorized the second option by the analysts in the year 2017 but at last, rejected by the legislature.

Shanahan said that until the completion of the coordination process, he could not be able to reveal the option mentioned in the proposal.

Representative Adam Smith, who is the incoming chairman of the House Armed Services Committee told that the committee is also in favor of spending less but believe to give Space Department more importance in Department of defense.