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Hot Tubs Susceptible To Hacking

Online security is a serious reason for concern in the modern world of technology as the hackers succeed in identifying a simple loophole in the system that helps them take control. Researchers have found out the ways through which app-operated tubs, filled with water, can be made colder or hotter as the temperature can be controlled through a smartphone or laptop. The databases of the third party Wi-Fi have enabled the hackers to take control on a few tubs with the help of the GPS location data.

Pen Test Partners, the security company based in the UK stated that the consumers are not only vulnerable to the affected tubs but are also the owner of several other susceptible items. The founder of the company stated this year is all about gadgets and items that are controlled by apps and smart in nature. Hence, the scopes of security breaches are high as the manufacturers are not taking the security measures seriously. Therefore, he further stated that unless the manufacturers consider this on a serious note, the consumers are at a risk. Therefore, he has suggested the consumers change the default passwords with no exception as this will reduce the chances of susceptibility.

These tubs are specially designed to allow the owners to operate the temperature with an app in the smartphone. BWG or the Balboa Water Group, the owner of the susceptible tubs has committed to implementing smart and powerful security system for the buyers of the tub. Also, it has declared to get rid of the existing problems by February. It also stated that the flaw in the system took the company by surprise as this has been live for 5 years, during which the users have never reported such concerns.

On the other hand, the researchers have stated that the war-driving databases of the hot tubs are allowing these to get hijacked as these are not asking for further authentication.