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Cosmonaut Believes That The Hole In The ISS Was Drilled From The Inside

One of the Russian cosmonauts named Sergei Prokopyev has said in one of the statements that the controversial hole that made some waves in the recent past, which was present in the Soyuz capsule that was docked to the ISS, was actually drilled from inside, as per the reports obtained from the Associated Press. The man was one of the couple of cosmonauts that were responsible for the inspection of the same hole, during a spacewalk that happened on December 11. This new report is the latest addition to the list of reports that have been coming since quite some time now.

Some scientists had observed a pressure leak on the International Space Station on August 29, and they also determined some other things including the source of the same, which was actually a hole in the capsule, of nearly 2 millimeters. The American space agency NASA has made a statement saying that the astronauts were never actually in any serious danger. Since that time, the photos of this particular hole have been pointing towards the fact that it looks somewhat like a drilled hole.

Some of the Russian authorities have thought that this is possible from some deliberate spoilage of the same, but they did not make any direct accusations, taking the reputation of the people on board and the agency as a whole in mind. Although many things are still unclear, such as whether the hole was created in Space or on Earth, the concerned people are looking deeper into it. Some people are saying that because of the microgravity, the drilling of such a hole is quite impossible, in space. While this recent finding is unfolding something more about the case, there are still no clues about many things which need to be addressed in order to reach a conclusion.