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Employees Who Filed Law Suit Against Tinder’s Parent Firm Ousted

Tinder has recently expelled several employees who had been part of $2 billion civil law case against the parent companies of the dating app Match Group and InterActiveCorp. The Vice President of marketing and communications of the company, Rosette Pambakian was in the one of the employees to be showed the way out. The case was filed by several employees of Tinder as well as its co-founders. The accusation was that the owners were illegally manipulating the current valuation and denying them huge sum of money. The accusation also had an allegation against the former CEO of the company to have sexually harassed the Rosette.

Pambakian immediately had sent an email to CEOs of Match Group and Tinder stating that she is guiltless in the entire act. She has also mentioned of a false investigation that the former CEO, Greg had talked about which found out that the assault was incorrect and the harmless act of cuddling was in fact mutual. Pambakian was instantly given a leave and she expressed that she was being internally forced by the company to resign as soon as possible.

Tinder has tried to defend itself by means that had they been at such terrible fault, the co-founders should have filed the lawsuit earlier. The CEO of Match Group has answered Pambakian in an email that denied her receive of any such complaint mail by Pambakian about Greg. She has also mentioned that Pambakian was twice interviewed to investigate about the sexual harassment. Ginsberg also mentioned that they had to fire her not because she spilled things out in the public about Greg but because she failed to do her duties as the spokesperson of Tinder. Pambakian, in turn has said that she was even asked to agree and sign to an agreement where she was to remain silent regarding all of these in exchange of a good compensation.