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Mother’s Weight Tends To Mirror Their Children’s

According to a recent study, the children are the reflection of their mothers’ weight gain or losses with no connection to their fathers’ body mass. The group of scientists from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, has come up to this conclusion after a thorough researching.

The team had kept an eye on the actions of 4400 children along with their parents for about 11 Years so as to understand the connection between the weights of the infants and mothers. As per the study, the mothers’ weight loss is followed by the children’s body mass loss. In the opinion of Marit Naess, the parents’ health generally tends to have a huge impact on their infant’s lifestyle and health as well. The obesity linked behaviors are also transferred from the parent to the child. The mothers who are supposedly losing their interest in performing various activities have a major impact on the children as they follow suit by attaining higher BMI ratios during their adolescence. The researchers have concluded that the weight-related matters are primarily linked to the food choices or daily activity plans made by the mother. The in-depth research has till date not shown any connection between the fathers and children’s shedding or piling on the pounds.

The group of researchers the fathers’ activity level difference did not hamper the child’s health but when there was a drastic drop in the mothers’ activities it was seen in the children after attaining adolescence. The extreme dieting or illness-related weight loss is found to show no connection between the child and parent in terms of weight as no other family members are involved. The mother’s body mass has a strong connection on whether their children will stay glued to education for a long-term which is kind of a protective measure against obesity. As per the Researcher Kirsti Kvaloy, the BMI lower families tend to be more educated in comparison to the less educated ones. The lead researcher Edwin A. Takahashi and his team from the Mayo Clinic have lately found that the left gastric artery embolization that is generally used to treat obesity brings about muscle and fat loss. The loss of muscle mass is alarming and urges for proper nutritional guidance after the procedure.