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Amazon Cloud Business Enters Space With A Service For Satellite Connections

Amazon’s cloud commerce is introducing a satellite connection service, marking the first public transit for space-related hardware and continuing its actions to back the emerging industry.

The company’s AWS Ground Station is constructing 12 satellite facilities network around the globe, Amazon said and intends to start operations coming year. A ground station is a crucial link for transmitting data to and from orbiting satellites.

“Satellite data is extremely practical for structuring a wide range of key applications, but building and administering the required infrastructure is extremely expensive and intricate,” said Charlie Bell, vice president. Senior Amazon Web Services in a statement. “Today, we give satellite clients the capability to energetically acclimatize the use of their land-based antennas to real needs, or they can record data in a straight line from AWS, where they can store and analyze data, safely delivering products to their customers.”

AWS Ground Station works closely with several satellite companies, comprising Spire Global, BlackSky, and DigitalGlobe. Every company already operates ground installations but will work with AWS Ground Station to expand its activities. Spire already has over 30 ground stations but anticipates the Amazon platform to offer higher speeds at lesser costs.

AWS declared an alliance with Iridium Communications in September to develop a satellite network named as CloudConnect for IoT applications. Iridium anticipates CloudConnect to be introduced in 2019, first in the agriculture and shipping sectors.

Spire has more than 60 satellites in the orbit of CubeSat. The company’s satellites are integrated with various sensors that monitor ships and aircraft and collect atmospheric data to forecast weather conditions. Spire expresses itself as an analytical company as many industries use Spire data, ranging from hedge funds to transportation companies and scientists.