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Ukraine President Warns Threat Of Full-Scale Battle With Russia

Lately, Petro Poroshenko—Ukraine President—cautioned that his country’s boiling conflict with Russia could promptly turn into full-scale battle, following a maritime clash recently between the two countries. The incident between the Moscow and Kiev finished with three Ukrainian ships in Russian custody. Russia and Ukraine have offered inconsistent accounts of what occurred, each accusing another one of violating the laws of the sea.

Poroshenko states this event was “extraordinary,” condemning Russia of invading his country’s ships. Ukraine and Russia have been sealed in long-simmering dispute since the takeover of Crimea by Russia in 2014, and a battle with Russian-supported nationalists in the country’s eastern region has claimed over 10,000 lives. “Officially, without dissociating chevrons, without “green men,” Russia’s troops in large numbers invaded Ukraine’s Armed Forces ships,” Poroshenko stated on his website, citing to soldiers in 2014 attacked and seized Crimea who were not having the badge on their green uniforms. The Ukrainian leader also reported that Russia seemed to be building military along the boundary with his country. “And this is the reason we do not want anybody to believe that it is a trifle. The country is below the danger of a full-scale battle with the Russian Federation,” Poroshenko stated. There are also reports of Russian missiles being shifted in the consequences of the standoff.

On a similar note, recently, VTB Bank chairman stated that Ukraine has formed an “artificial dispute” with Russia. Andrey Kostin—Chief of Russian VTB Bank—stated that Ukraine’s president has created a “fake conflict” with Russia just to increase his chances in a presidential election set to occur in Ukraine in March of the next year. Kostin told CNBC, “I think you should look at somebody that is benefitted from this and in fact, it is Mr. Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine, certainly.”