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A Genetic Lottery Can Help Keep Heart Attacks At Bay

A heart disease such as atherosclerotic disease basically brings about dawdling and silent narrowing as well as hardening of the arteries which in the later run leads to mortality. This disease brings about more than 15 Million deaths on a yearly basis in the global platform. The researchers are now trying to find answers to why only certain sections of the people tend to develop the disease. According to a group of biologists, physicians, and geneticists who belong to the University of Arizona, they are working on finding out the unfamiliar genetic effect which can either increase or reduce the chances of ischemic stroke or coronary artery disease.

As per Casey Romanoski from the UA College of Medicine, the efficient version of the genetic factor that was identified by the researchers in the cells lining the blood vessels tends to possess low inflammatory action or slight activation.  This genetic factor can basically help to reduce the building up of plaques in the blood vessels. Along with the researchers from the University of Chicago Medical Center, the entire group of scientists has been able to discover the general sequence variant in the authoritarian DNA. This variant known as “rs17114036” is located on the chromosome 1p32.2 and it normally profits the cells lining the interior of blood vessels plus the vascular endothelium. The common function of the endothelium is to regulate a swift and smooth flow all the way through complex vascular intersections or even from the places of branching which can normally cause a hurdle in the flow from an artery to two narrow vessels. The disruption in the flow causes chronic local inflammation or atherosclerotic lesions followed by heart attacks and strokes.

The research team found that the rs17114036 can modify the blood flow patterns and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease but only 5% of the populace has the protective genetic factor or genetic lottery. Lately, the University of Chicago researchers are working on creating nanoparticles or ultra-small elements that can mirror the advantages of rs17114036. The scientists are using the genetics connections with various diseases theory for figuring out the needed solutions.