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New Approaches Discovered To Identify What Drives Sensitive Behaviors

Colorado State University’s (CSU) statisticians and conservation scientists have joined hand to solve a major issue for the research of sensitive behaviors such as harassment, poaching, drug use, and bribery. Sensitive behaviors (dubbed as not compliant with regulations & rules or socially unacceptable) are disreputably difficult to study, scientists claim. This is because individuals often do not wish to reply to direct questions related to them.

To deal with this issue, researchers have designed indirect questioning methods that protect identities of responders. On the other hand, these approaches also make it hard to predict which segments of a population are more probable to take part in sensitive behaviors and which factors (such as education, knowledge of laws, or income) impact the likelihood that a person will suffer from sensitive behavior.

Abu Conteh from MacEwan University in Canada and Associate Professor Michael Gavin & Assistant Professor Jennifer Solomon at CSU from the Department of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources have joined hand with doctoral student Meng Cao and Professor Jay Breidt to design new approaches to resolve the issue.

On a similar note, scientists have studied the factors that manipulate productive activity a year after TBI (traumatic brain injury). The research group, which comprised investigators from 7 regional TBI Model Systems, surveyed information on 706 Hispanic people in the TBI Model System’s database. The research was funded by the NIDILRR (National Institute on Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research).

Scientists saw at the affect of nativity, that is, whether people who recognized are as Hispanic were foreign-born (42.1% born in South and Central America, Europe, Caribbean, and other) or native (57.9% born in US). They also examined the residential behaviors, comprising the number of foreign language speakers in their societies. The study revealed new data about the factors affecting productivity amongst TBI people that are foreign-born Hispanics.